BARE & FAST's Designers' Night :: Part 1

Excitement was high on Thursday night as BARE Magazine and FAST (Fashion and Student Trends) joined together at The Beta Lounge for a preview of Sunday’s FAST fashion show. Well-dressed attendees mingled as they sipped on colorful drinks and munched on hors d'oeuvres. Through the well-dressed crowd, the observer could pick out the especially fashion-forward and the FAST models demonstrating some of the designs that will be featured in Sunday’s show. As the speakers pumped Lady Gaga, guests got a chance to preview the show and chat with the designers themselves. Here is a preview for all you BARE readers:

One of Rola (left) and Reema's safari-inspired designs, worn by Kristina (right).

As the name of Rola and Reema's line Wild Thing suggests, the looks are safari-inspired. The line features animal prints, faux-fur, and a beige color palette. Their model Kristina showed off one of the dresses, commenting on the comfortable, stretchy material. This is Rola, Reema, and Kristina's last semester at Berkeley.

Kaitlin (left) shows off one of Iris' designs.

This dress designed by
Iris is inspired by M.C. Escher's famous lithograph print, Relativity. Iris explained that because the concept of the drawing is very kinetic, she included a lot of movement into her design; when Kaitlin moves her arms up, the ribbons expand in a beautiful way. The rest of her collection is based on spaces of fiction in art, literature, and movies.

Triple attack: Rachel, Michelle, and Jenny teamed up to create Jean's dress (second from right) and Jenny's top (far right).

Lace and a black & white color palette tie Rachel, Michelle, and Jenny's line together. Much of the line is Victorian-based: strong shoulders and high collars will both make an appearance. The designers used a deconstruction/reconstruction method, turning their old clothes into new designs. Expect to see a versatile set of looks - pants, shorts, jackets, and more.

Leslie's model, Nic, is wearing her skeletal design.

Leslie's line entitled Qu'est Que C'est is inspired by the board game, Clue. The title is taken from the song "Psycho Killer" by the Talking Heads. Their line includes six female looks and one male skeletal look. The skeletal look represents the man in the envelope, who is the mystery victim in Clue.

Diana (left) and Hannah, wearing one of Diana's designs.

Urban Bazaar, Diana's line, recreates a convergence between modern structural themes and traditional ethnic clothing. Diana explained that these styles are created for the jet-setting world traveler and present a non-hierarchical approach to the ways that people dress up.

From left: Jennifer, Jessica, and Victoria.

Jennifer and Victoria describe their line as modern, sexy, and hip. Many of the pieces are geometrically based. Victoria invited her friend Jessica, who is signed with San Francisco's JE Models, to model for the event. Jennifer will also be modeling in the runway show.

Jessica (left) shows off one of Jennifer and Victoria's designs.

Amanda's model (right) is wearing one of the designer's outfits. All photography by Albert Treat.

Amanda's collection Beach Bunnies is a take on her Southern California roots. This beach-inspired line includes turquoise linens and pastel-colored chiffon. The overall feel of the designs is classy and laid-back. The title of her line is literal - expect to see models walk the runway with bunny-ear inspired headbands made of lace.

Be sure to attend FAST’s Spring 2010 fashion show,
Spectacle, this Sunday the 25th at 8pm in the Pauley Ballroom.

Polina Polishchuk
BARE Reporter

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