Berkeley Poetry Review Thrift Sale

Hallie Kutak and Priscilla Frank selling clothes at the BPR thrift table.

What do I like doing more than hanging out with friends on Sproul? Shopping with friends on Sproul! In order to raise funds for the publication of their 41st issue, the Berkeley Poetry Review (BPR) hosted a thrift sale on Sproul last week and this week. It was delightful to try on clothes and ask friends who were passing by what they thought of a red and white polka-dot shirt or sequin top. After I rummaged through the piles last Wednesday, I was hooked! Luckily, the BPR table was back this week and I happily donated as I bought more clothes. It’s going to be a little depressing walking down Sproul next week and not being able to take a shopping break, but it was fun while it lasted. “What’s really great about the thrift sale is that it takes other people’s unwanted things and gives them value,” says editor of BPR Hallie Kutak. All clothes were name your own price, but they recommended $3-$5 an item. It turned out to be an excellent fundraiser and the Berkeley Poetry Review raised $1,200 for the publication of their next issue.

Berkeley Poetry Review issue 40. Issue 41 comes out May 1st!

All of my purchases from the BPR table! Pink sequin top $5, tutu and boy scout shirt $6, blue button up and blue sequin top $9. I’ve been in a sequin craze recently…

Students rummage through the piles of clothes on Sproul. All photography by the author.

Speaking of their next issue, issue 41 of the
Berkeley Poetry Review comes out May 1. You can purchase yours online, at the ASUC bookstore, or at local bookstores such as Moe’s and University Press. Don’t miss out on some sweet poetry written by your peers. BPR is Cal’s longest running poetry journal and has been published annually since 1974. Plus, their staff is pretty stylish if I do say so myself.

Miraya Berke
BARE Reporter