The Best of March

March sure was an exciting month for us at BARE blog. Our writers reported on everything from
Alice in Wonderland and messy 'dos to environmentally-friendly living and vegan restaurants. Here's just a taste of our best posts from the month of March. Click here to read them all.
  • Current events: Aimee Shimizu gave us new ways to procrastinate during midterms with her Recommended Viewing series. Miraya Berke announced the candidates running for ASUC positions.
  • Photo Shoots: BARE fell down the rabbit hole in an Alice in Wonderland inspired editorial.
  • Street Style: Catalina Saldivia and Simone Anne Lang spotted eco-friendly trends at PLAYgreen. Parris McKenley ran into some very enthusiastic fans of Alice in Wonderland. Polina Polishchuk ran into several vintage clothing lovers at the Vintage Fashion Expo.
  • Trends: Ping Sicoravit discussed the merits of the messy updo, while Danielle Ciappara examined artful pattern-mixing.
  • Stores: Elizabeth Maxim found her way through a corduroy world at the Levi's store. Xiaoqian Lim and Miraya Berke explored The Cellar Thrift Shop.
  • Music: Lindsay Brauner jammed to Rumspringa.
  • Events: Danielle Ciappara got her vamp on at Cari Borja's vampire-themed preview party. Amaris Montes explored greener solutions at the PLAYgreen Festival.
  • Food: Shelly Park gobbled down both sweet and savory waffles at Sfoof's Woofle Cafe. John Kim made his way over to Elmwood Cafe. Xiaoqian Lim munched on a chicken salad and vegan cookies at Gather.
What was your favorite post this month? Share with us in the comments.

Brittany Curran
Blog Editor

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