It Just Got Cold in Berkeley :: Cold War Kids

The Cold War Kids played on Memorial Glade for Cal Day last Saturday.

It was like a flashback to the 70's as Memorial Glade was full of Cal students and incoming newbies to watch Cold War Kids last Saturday for Cal Day. This Long Beach-based band energized the stage with their indie, blues-infused sound, dressed in jeans, button-ups, screen prints, and fedoras. As they played well known songs such as "Audience" and "Something is Not Right With Me," the crowd swayed to the music, some even busting their moves to the Kids' sound.

Cold War Kids: Nathan, Matt M., Jonnie, and Matt A.

The members of the band, Nathan Willett (vocals, piano, and guitar), Matt Maust (bass guitar), Jonnie Russell (guitar, piano, and vocals), and Matt Aveiro (drums) have made it a long way since their debut in 2004, creating three albums and touring all over Europe in the past six years. Their work definitely paid off as they reach unimaginable heights and as we can see from the dancing people on the Glade. They stood out by using unconventional instruments, such as maracas and glass bottles, to add to their unique sound.

A large crowd formed to hear the Cold War Kids play. All photography by the author.

Many may not know that they keep an online journal full of their experiences as a band and artistic photographs of the places they visit, which is definitely worth the click of your mouse. Their music is certainly Berkeley-esque and, since it was their first time visiting our stomping ground, they managed to fit in. Those new freshmen definitely got a warm welcome.

Amaris Montes
BARE Reporter

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