{M}aganda Fashion Show

As a live band welcomed the guests, it was evident that members of {M}aganda Magazine, Berkeley's student-run, Filipino magazine, were eager to show off what they have worked hard for over many weeks in their First Annual Fashion Show. The Tilden room in the MLK Jr. Student Union was completely full of members, photographers, and community supporters eagerly awaiting the finished products of all 21 designers. The theme of the night was “What is Beauty?” with each designer giving their own definition of what it means to be beautiful.

Many designers such as PASS, Kapwa, and the Filipino Academic Society felt that beauty was embedded in “community, culture, and tradition” which transitioned into their designs with floral printed dresses with structured shoulders from PASS which expressed a modern view of their traditional Filipino heritage. Others such as P4 felt that beauty was seen in business and class, which they showcased in many of their three piece suits and strong, confident models. Designer Diana impressively constructed long gowns with tulle and played with various colors to exemplify her meaning of beauty as an “outward expression of an inward emotion.”

Another designer, Crisanta Malig, similarly made long gowns, but also created shawls of white lace to create a romantic emotion through her clothing. Most of the designers, such as Dominique, Jaymie NgoNgo, Katya Staryuk, and {M}aganda constructed apparel that was fun and flirty which alluded confidence in the women wearing them. From purple, punky, animal print dresses with tool underneath by Janelle Cardenas, to studded corsets by Jaymie, and {M}aganda's own play with the urban side of class with stiff skirts and urban sweaters. A person favorite of mine was a deconstructed vest by Katya with floral embellishments which had an air of punky-yet-feminine appeal.

All photography by Albert Treat. Click here to see more photos from the show.

Judging from the energy in the room, with people screaming and cheering as the models worked the runway, {M}aganda is planning on continuing this fashion show annually. The {M}aganda fashion show exhibited all facets of beauty: community bonds, happiness, and creativity at its finest.

Amaris Montes
BARE Reporter


  1. Hi Bare!
    Some mistakes that I'd like you guys to fix, if possible :] Sorry, I know it was really noisy so it was probably hard to hear everything.

    Filipino academic Society is actually PASS (Pilipino Academic Student Services)

    the "purple, punky, animal print dresses with tulle" are actually by Janelle Cardenas

    If you guys could edit that, it would be great. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for telling us, Christina! All the changes have been made.