No, You're Not Seeing Double: Google Maps Goes 3-D

Our beloved Bowles Hall--in 3-D!

In my personal opinion, Google can do no wrong. Sometimes it seems as if college students are the ones to utilize Google's products the most. Gmail practically runs our lives, Google Docs have note-taking, and Google Maps is a lifesaver on our handheld phones. But coincidentally, the innovations at Google have caught up with our latest media craze.

The latest update on Google Maps has been a small, almost unnoticeable icon. When going into street view, Google users can now vicariously go into the scene of the image through a new 3-D option. By simply clicking the little man avatar (who rightfully has on a bored face), the screen is available for a pop-up experience. You can finally put those stolen IMAX glasses to good use!

John Kim


  1. this is cool but i'm still not understanding this concept. maybe i'm just old fashioned but i think 3-d is a little over rated. i have said this once and i will say it again: i am perfectly fine accepting the fact that photos or video are not ACTUAL reality. i understand that when a bird is flying at me on screen, it's not going to just appear out of thin air. sigh...i guess i'll need to stop being such a conservative geezer and get with the times!

    this comment probably makes no sense. but, good post john!! :)

  2. maybe I'm completely missing the sarcasm here but do you SERIOUSLY think this wasn't an APRIL FOOLS JOKE....?