Recommended Viewing :: Part 3

Image courtesy of NOWNESS.

a.) a website streaming intelligent, well edited content aimed towards the arts and fashion minded
b.) the brainchild of luxury company LVMH, the behemoth behind brands like Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs
c.) a word that has just about credible dictionary meaning as the term “awesomeness”
d.) all of the above

And the answer is…drumroll, please…D! I know, I know, one hardly expects the word NOWNESS to be associated with avant-garde culture, yet this LVMH website may as well be the MoMA of the internet. The concept is rather difficult to put into words, so I’ll just let EVP Digital of NOWNESS, Kamel Ouadi, explain:

“NOWNESS is about carrying a moment in time with you. It sums up a certain feeling when you get a moment of inspiration that lives in your imagination during the day. This site will be about the art of living and involve luxury well beyond product categories. It will inform and inspire. It will bring excitement to the everyday. It will be an inspirational and experiential site.” – quote from
Business of Fashion

And really, the site is fantastic. Rather than focus on blatant product showcasing, NOWNESS provides a strangely calming experience by displaying photos and videos in a clean, advertisement-free environment. The future of digital luxury has finally arrived.

Lily Donaldson’s hair flies, Agyness Deyn acts while dressed in outfits from Zac Posen, and Pringle of Scotland’s Tilda Swinton appears in her newest movie I Am Love.

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Aimee Shimizu
BARE Reporter

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  1. i adore this site, it's such a great way to learn about amazing art and fashion