Restaurant Review :: Maoz Vegetarian

Maoz Vegetarian is located at 2395 Telegraph Avenue.

Vegetarians will celebrate when they walk down Telegraph and see the new restaurant,
Maoz Vegetarian. Even if you’re a meat lover, Maoz can still satisfy your taste buds. Originating from Amsterdam, this European delight has finally arrived in Berkeley. The menu items consists of salads and falafel sandwiches, which you can upgrade with your choice of pommes-frites (Belgian style fries) or sweet potato fries and a drink. Although the meal initially appears pricey ($9 for Meal #1), the unlimited toppings on the salad/falafel sandwich will make your investment worthwhile.

Maoz draws you in with its brightly colored interior and cherry wood benches and lime green tiles lining the walls and ceiling.

We both ordered Meal #1, which consists of a falafel sandwich, pommes-frites, and a drink. Our falafel sandwiches came with the basics of more than enough falafel balls, hummus, and grilled eggplant. One facet that sets Maoz apart from other restaurants in Berkeley is that Maoz offers an unlimited salad bar. The salad bar is filled with a wide range of items to choose from, like roasted red peppers, coleslaw, tabouli salad, chickpeas, broccoli and cauliflower, beet salad, and many more. You could also add some extra flavor to your sandwich by drizzling one of their specialty sauces such as garlic or yogurt. Maoz is guaranteed to leave you with a food coma lasting throughout the night, but no one can doubt their a-MAOZ-ing food!

Two orders of Meal #1: a falafel sandwich, pommes-frites, and a drink. Photography by the authors.

Maoz Vegetarian is located at 2395 Telegraph Avenue, between Durant Avenue and Channing Way.

Grace Choi and Veronica Lee
BARE Reporters


  1. i'm glad you guys went to try this, it looks really bomb. i love falafel places and chick o pea's on shattuck is so far from me! gonna try maoz soon!! :D

  2. Omg yum yum yum! I can't wait to try this next time I'm in town.

  3. okay...update...tried it today...BEST FRIES OMG. :)