SF Vintage Fashion Expo 2010

Every year there is a plethora of expos that cater to everyone from the tattoo lovers to the technologically savvy. When I heard the words
Vintage Fashion Expo, my heart fluttered and eyes lit up. On Sunday March 21st I entered a world of history, inspiration, and of course – fashion. Inside the Concourse Exhibition Center there were over one hundred vintage shops and collectors displaying their finest inventory. In this large hall, decades of fashion overwhelmed even the most seasoned huntresses and hunters of fashion.

This booth boasted a vast collection of stylish hats.

One of Polina's favorite booths at the expo.

There were hundreds of visitors strolling in between the shops admiring the timeless clothing and jewelry. A tiny booth had everything from the beginning of the 20th century to the grungy and cropped 1990's. Vintage Versace's and Yves Saint Laurent's hung next to a beautiful label-less robe. Glass boxes filled with vintage Chanel bags stood across from a jewelry-filled exhibit. I could stare at the jewelry inventory for hours - they were all so unique and intoxicating - however, I only had a short amount of time to cruise the rest of the expo. Though the jewelry that was housed in the glass boxes sometimes cost hundreds of dollars, there was a table a little ways down filled with jewelry for only 25 cents each! It was difficult to find pairs of earrings because they were so separated, but at the end of the day I walked away with some bargain treasures. Here are a few more photos from the expo:

One of several booths that had racks and racks of amazing vintage clothing.

A rack of vintage gowns and prom dresses.

Vintage dresses from Versace (left) and Yves Saint Laurent.

Vintage Chanel bags: Chanel lovers, try not to drool.

One booth had gold, silver, and turquoise jewelry for sale.

The 25-cent jewelry table housed many interesting finds.

Though I only had a couple of hours to enjoy this vintage dreamland, it was satisfying to discover vintage shops located close by. If your vintage sense begins to tingle one day, hustle over to one of the shops located nearby. Some are in Berkeley as well!

Overall, it was a beautiful day. Photographs cannot capture the sublime aura of the event; it is something you need to see for yourself in 2011.

Polina Polishchuk
BARE Reporter


  1. oooh that soundslike it would've been so much fun!

  2. that versace dress looks stunning

  3. Great pictures! The expo is always an awesome event.

  4. This is heaven! My friends and I love to go to vintage shops.