Thrift Store Review :: Reruns Thrift Shop

Reruns Thrift Shop is located at 1638 University Avenue.

Just hop on the 51B and take a trip down to 1638 University Avenue to find yourself in a thrift world. First stop, Reruns. Reruns Thrift Shop sells all its clothing for only $3. If you manage to come by when they're having one of their frequent dollar day sales, you can buy clothing for only a $1 a piece. The store is jam-packed with clothes. Although you might have to dig, you will find many gems.

Reruns' color-coordinated shoe collection.

Reruns sells women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, as well as some knick-knacks. Walk to the back of the store through an alleyway lined with shirts and you’ll discover another room filled with dresses and purses. There are many hidden treasures in this small store -- a dresser stuffed with ties, containers overflowing with belts and scarves, a large drawer of socks. The shoe collection is also large and includes many cute vibrantly colored heels.

They sell racks and racks of clothing for only $3 a piece.

Need a belt? Reruns probably has the one you're looking for.

All photography by the authors.

If your closet is getting difficult to close, Reruns also buys clothes. So, make more room for some new gear while getting some cash -- $1 an item for clothes, $1 for shoes, and 50 cents for accessories.

What Miraya liked/disliked:
- That all clothes were only $1 when we went!
- Tie collection, I found an awesome blue and gold one
- Crate filled with belts
- Very friendly staff

What Xiaoqian liked/disliked:
- LOTS of stuff to look through
- Inexpensive, but good quality clothing
- Spent only $2 for a shirt and a belt

You can learn more about Reruns Thrift Shop by visiting their MySpace and Yelp pages. Next stop on our thrifting adventure is Out of the Closet, which is right next to Reruns. Stay tuned for our review!

Miraya Berke & Xiaoqian Lim
BARE Reporters

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