Issue 7 Launch Party :: Part 1

These two guests were very excited about the new issue. Photo by Stephen Sun.

Thursday night, Hotel Durant was the site of excitement and anticipation as BARE Magazine revealed its latest issue. All through out the night, BARE staff and supporters mingled with each other, sharing their enthusiasm for the issue. As the night drew on, people flooded the dance floor and began to show off their moves. DJ Miguel Garcia pleased the crowd with popular favorites like Lady Gaga's “Bad Romance.” Here are some photos of BARE staff and guests.

Jessica Schoefer, a friend, and Michelle Lowe. Photo by Bernadette Samson.

Left: A guest takes a break to read Issue 7. Photo by Bernadette Samson.
Right: Creative Director Jordan Silver, Tashina Combs of Logical Harmony, and Managing Editor Jonathan Deniol Rodriguez. Photo by Albert Treat.

BARE blogger Miraya Berke (second from right) with a few guests. Photo by Stephen Sun.

Photo by Stephen Sun.

Editor-in-Chief John Kim and FAST designer Leslie Hamachi in one of her designs. Photo by Bernadette Samson.

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Photos by Stephen Sun.

Photo by Stephen Sun.

Photo by Stephen Sun.

Left: FAST Public Relations Director Ric Vazquez with a guest.
Right: BARE staffer Torrin Marquardt with a guest.
Photos by Bernadette Samson.

BARE staffer Cher Padua (second from right) with a few guests. Photo by Stephen Sun.

BARE photographer Simone Anne Lang (second from left) with friends. Photo by Stephen Sun.

DJ Miguel Garcia. Photo by Stephen Sun.

Guests hit the dance floor. Photo by Albert Treat.

All in all, it was a successful night for both BARE and fashion. Hopefully, I will see you all at the next BARE launch party in the fall. Stay tuned for more photos from the party.

Jen Lee
BARE Reporter

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