Issue 7 Launch Party :: Part 2

Tina Chen, Creative Director Nancy Kim, Lisa Park, Events Coordinator Seika Iwao, and BARE writer/blogger Amaris Montes. Photo by Stephen Sun.

As promised, here's the second group of photos of BARE staff and supporters at the Issue 7 Launch Party.

Editorial Director Nastia Voynovskaya and Creative Director Jordan Silver. Photo by Bernadette Samson.

Former Layout Director Marcus Leung with two guests. Photo by Bernadette Samson.

Left: Seika Iwao, Layout Assistant TT Tu, and Nancy Kim. Photo by Stephen Sun.
Right: FAST Co-President Terra Chan and BARE Events Assistant Lyka Sethi. Photo by Bernadette Samson.

Photo by Stephen Sun.

Photo by Stephen Sun.

BARE Founder Doreen Bloch with her brother, Business Director Michael Bloch. Photo by Stephen Sun.

BARE blogger Danielle Ciappara (center) with two guests. Photo by Stephen Sun.

BARE supporters Jamie Lew and Alyssa Reyes with Managing Editor Jonathan Deniol Rodriguez. Photo by Stephen Sun.

BARE writer Marissa Rosemblat and Blog Editor Brittany Curran with BARE supporters Jing Pan and Anh Nguyen. Photo by Stephen Sun.

FAST model Nic Blair (second from left) with a few guests. Photo by Stephen Sun.

Photos by Stephen Sun.

Editor-in-Chief John Kim and BARE writer/blogger Polina Polishchuk. Photo by Albert Treat.

Photo by Bernadette Samson.

Brittany Curran
Blog Editor


  1. miumiu collar? :O
    ah, couldn't make it out to the launch party, how can i get a copy!? :(

  2. You can pick a copy up at the Cal Student Store.

  3. oh okay thanks! will pick one up asap.