Thrift Store Review :: Out of the Closet

Located at 1600 University Avenue, Out of the Closet is “the world’s most fabulous thrift store” that contributes to the worldwide care and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS. The store also supports AIDS prevention by distributing free condoms from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Out of the Closet gives out free condoms to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

When we walked in, we were instantly overwhelmed by the amount of items in stock. Racks and racks of clothes, shelves of books, shoes, and dishes, crates of purses, and rows of furniture fill the entire shop. If you're in need of a book to read by Strawberry Canyon or plates to host a dinner party, check out Out of the Closet before paying full price somewhere else.

One of several racks of clothing.

One thing we noticed is that the store is very well organized. There are racks for both men's and women's tops, bottoms, jackets, designer clothing, and $1 bargain picks. If you're looking for something specific, it is easy to find where it would be located. In contrast to the other stores we've reviewed and places like Goodwill, Out of the Closet seems to have more contemporary clothing from stores like Wet Seal or Forever 21 that look brand new. They also have some vintage pieces, like an vintage jumpsuit with ruffled sleeves.

Out of the Closet boasts a wide selection of books.

Dishes for your next dinner party.

What Miraya liked/disliked:
- $1 rack
- Designer rack
- Tons of cheap books

What Xiaoqian liked/disliked:
- $1 rack
- Rotating sales, which change every Sunday
- Vintage velvet jumpsuit

Miraya Berke & Xiaoqian Lim
BARE Reporters

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