Resort 2011 :: Celine

A few looks from Celine's Resort 2011 collection.

Within a matter of two seasons, Phoebe Philo at Celine has gathered all my attention, and rightfully so! Sometimes I contemplate how I ever lived without knowing a designer like Philo--one who makes the most flattering and practical pieces without the garnish. There's little embellishment or fussing with silhouettes; instead just downright luxury clothing.

For the resort season, Philo hasn't deviated from her aesthetic. Her girls are still businesswomen who occasionally don a print to the office. But let's say she goes on a summer vacation to Miami with her hard-earned money. She splashes on a little color onto her drawstring pants, and she's ready to fly first class. An oversized leather tote is the perfect size to carry her neck pillow and Advil PM. Throw in a blanket and her little black book and there's nowhere she can't go.

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The beauty of the renewed Celine girl is that she really is versatile in every sense. Whether embellished or polished, there's no way girls can't find something for themselves in this collection. The phoenix has resurrected, and this time Celine won't burn for a while.

John Kim

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