Resort 2011 :: Lanvin

A few looks from Lanvin's Resort 2011 collection.

Some fashion collections require a lot of thinking. In the first, second, third second/minute/year of being presented with a collection there’s a lot of second guessing, a lot of “Do I really like this?” being looped on repeat. Then there is Lanvin’s Resort 2011 collection—a collection so unabashedly pretty it could stop even the most die-hard art history grad students in their philosophical tracks.
But like any true genius, Alber Elbaz makes the simple look deceptively easy, and behind the “pretty” one gets the sense of something much more menacing. Maybe it’s the sunglasses, reminiscent of a glamorously tortured 1950’s starlet; maybe it’s the turbans, versatile for hiding morning bed hair and a stolen trinket or two; maybe it’s just the way the models move in their outfits, giving off the sense that they’re ready to flee at a moment’s notice. And perhaps I’ve lost you, because my original point was to prove that fashion doesn’t always have to be a dissertation on aesthetics to be loved; but in the case of Lanvin, even the pretty often deserve a second look.

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Aimee Shimizu
BARE Reporter

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