Resort 2011 :: The Row

Two outfits from The Row.

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s high-end clothing brand
The Row has deftly managed to avoid the pitfalls of many celebrity designed lines. First, there is the problem of getting past our innate skepticism of actors-slash-anything, and for another, making clothes requires a bit more skill than just wearing them. And while celebrities tend to be great at pulling outfits together, I’ve found that their attempts at actually designing tend to fall dismally short. This is not so with the Olsen twins. Their brand, named after the historic Savile Row (made famous by the shops offering traditional men’s bespoke tailoring), has garnered much critical praise for its attention to cut, fabric, and fit. For The Row’s Resort 2011 collection, the Olsens continued their focus on getting the basics just right, with a few special tweaks here and there.

Two more outfits from The Row.

Being 5’3, I find the skirt lengths too awkward for anyone of my height to pull off successfully—although I’m sure someone can wear the ankle skimming skirts without looking like a child playing dress-up in Winona Ryder’s castoffs from
Beetlejuice, that person just isn’t me—but the different variations are a refreshing take on comfy, casual wear. While some of the dresses veer dangerously close to Puritan pilgrim territory, I’m enamored by the loose cardigan/jacket paired with something sheer, and even I can’t deny that the strategically placed pockets on the gray speckled skirt are perfect for looking charmingly apathetic. An honorable mention goes out to the crocodile skin vest which has the deviant in me heartily applauding the long-awaited success of a celebrity brand.

Aimee Shimizu
BARE Reporter

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