Acrimony Launches New Magazine

Two looks from Acrimony.

Acrimony knows clothes. With designers ranging from the edgy stylings of Acne to the beachy Sophomore, this San Francisco boutique melds their clothing into one voguish mix of cool.

With that said, who better than them to put out a magazine? Here at BARE, magazines give us a warm, tingly feeling inside. We LOVE our blog, but the idea of
holding the magnificent glossiness that is a magazine filled with beautiful clothing, photographs, and words is an excitement all of its own.

The first issue of Acrimony’s new glossy brainchild,
Anathema, has just been released and BARE’s Editor-in-Chief John Kim had the honor of styling the closing shoot. Preview the issue on Acrimony's home page. Enjoy!

Polina Polishchuk
BARE Reporter

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  1. omg I love this! thanks so much for letting me know about this.