London Street Style :: The Bum Bag

Have you ever heard of a bum bag? Well, I unfortunately just learned what it is the hard way. When I asked my bosses if they like fanny packs, they erupted in laughter. Apparently in the United Kingdom, the word fanny doesn’t mean a bum – it means a girl’s front side. So, the Brits call those handy waist satchels we know as fanny packs, bum bags.

I must admit that I too own a “bum bag,” which I purchased at
American Apparel for Dance Marathon’s Kickin it Old Skool theme. They are definitely considered to be old school: I remember wearing one in elementary school with my CatDog t-shirt. While I know that fanny packs are often worn at raves and music festivals like Coachella, they have also made a comeback on the streets of London.

Josie, designer of whereareyounow?, uses her bum bag to carry the cash she earns from Clothes Show London. All of her clothes are all from TopShop.

Fiona coordinates her black bum bag with a fabulous black bow on her head.

I spotted Lulu shopping in The Laden Showroom on Brick Lane.

The bum bag appeared on the runway at Clothes Show London.

In the UK, there are several stylish twists on the bum bag, such as French Connection’s
floral bag and Top Shop’s wrist purse. If you’re craving your own bum bag, check out American Apparel, LeSportsac, or a local thrift store.

What’s your opinion on the bum bag/fanny pack trend? Are you convinced by the bright prints and practicality, or do you think the bum bag should remain as an accessory for tourists? Let BARE know what you think.

Miraya Berke
BARE Reporter


  1. No

    Just say No to bum bags unless you are a tourist or stall holder.



  2. That's so cute that you call it a fanny pack haha :D

    I'm not too sure this is gonna take off though I think I would feel a bit embaresed if I wore one!

    You could maybe get away with it at a retro 90's themed fancydress party! :D