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I was lucky enough to attend Wimbledon during my time in London and while the tennis matches were fascinating, the fashionable men were of much more interest to me. As a girl who always loved Seth Cohen more than Ryan Atwood on The O.C., boys in polos are my cup of tea. At the tennis match I was overwhelmed by which men to take pictures of because they were all so stylish. They sported polos, ties, boat shoes, hats, plaid, British accents, and excellent manners.

The men at Wimbledon had very different reactions to me asking to take their picture for a fashion blog than most women have. While some were very flattered and even asked for the website, others were quite confused and tried to convince me that they are not stylish. These pictures are only a small taste of the stunning men who spend their days watching tennis, sipping champagne, and snacking on strawberries and cream.

John from Redding and Tom from Bristol have never been to Wimbledon before and claim they don’t know what is going on – but at least they look the part.

These men were quite surprised that they would be appearing in a fashion blog. (But how could I not take a picture of them?) Decked out in button-downs, fitted slacks, snazzy shoes, leather belts, and fitted blazers, these British men know how to dress.

Polo, pink, and plaid – oh my!

These two were my favorite and it actually took me a while to get a picture of them.

This stylish couple is a representation of the dapper older generations at Wimbledon. This man caught my eye with his classic hat, moustache, plaid button-down, blazer, and those incredible salmon colored pants.

This hot pink polo was so fantastic I now want one for myself. However, not all the guys were wearing polos and button-downs; some had edgy graphic tees like this fellow on the right.

If you ever get the chance to go to Wimbledon, go! If the classy environment, famous tennis players, many gift shops, and delectable food aren’t enough reason, then hopefully these stylish men will convince you.

Miraya Berke
BARE Reporter

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