Art of Thrifting and Revamping DeCal

Do you enjoy digging through piles of clothes at thrift shops to find a unique gem? Are you constantly thinking of ways you can revamp old items to create masterpieces? Then you are in luck because this fall semester you can take The Art of Thrifting and Revamping! My friend Briana Flin and I will be teaching the DeCal every Tuesday from 6-7:30pm in 109 Wheeler. Imagine classes filled with Project Runway style DIY challenges, discussions about the best thrift shops in Berkeley, and analysis about why we crave good deals. If you want to join a passionate thrifting and revamping community, then come to our first class on September 7th at 6pm in 109 Wheeler for instructions on how to enroll. Although we have a limited number of students we can take in the class, we will have regular shopping field trips and DIY craft days that are open to anyone. Join the Facebook group for announcements of upcoming events you can attend. Together we are aiming to become better thrifters and revampers, so come share your tips, because I would love to pass on my shopping strategies.

Can’t wait to start? Check out my all time favorite DIY blog for inspiration: P.S. I made this.

Miraya Berke
Co-Events Director

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