London Confessions of a Shopaholic

Now that my wild London adventures have come to an end I have some time to reflect. And when I say reflect, I mean sort through my stuffed closet and reminisce about all the incredible stores I visited. So now I will share my favorite London shops and the best purchases I made so if you get the chance to travel to London, you too can return with an extra suitcase full of goodies. Think of this post as a London shopping guide from a true shopaholic.

Miraya's Topshop finds: pink ballet flats, nail polish, and a daisy sequin top.

Topshop: Topshop is the shop loved by all – men and women, teens and adults, Brits and any other nationality. Magazines in the US, UK, and basically everywhere else highlight items from Topshop. I fell head-over-heels for this store, just like the rest of the world. Their new make-up collection, affordable shoes, stylish clothes, and grand selection of accessories could entice anyone into shopping at this store, which is located all over the UK and now even in New York. My favorite part of Topshop is the 20% discounts they give to students. Considering the amount of times I went there, the discount definitely paid off. My favorite items that I purchased from Topshop are a pair of pink ballet flats, nail polish, and a daisy sequin top.

Miraya's Primark finds: oxford heels and a sequin skirt.

Primark: The first time I stepped foot in Primark I felt like I was in the middle of a massive one-day only sale with people running around and grabbing clothes off the racks. I soon learned that every day is insane at Primark. Why? Because everything in the store is both ridiculously cheap and equally amazing. You can buy shoes for only a few pounds, beautiful dresses for less than £20, and accessories for dirt-cheap. If you plan on stopping by a Primark, just make sure to stay calm and possibly practice some deep breathing exercises because the store can be quite overwhelming. I bought bags full of items from this store, but my favorites are a pair of black oxford heels and a blue and gold sequin skirt – both of which were very inexpensive.

Miraya's Cath Kidston finds: a Blackberry case and toiletry bag.

Cath Kidston: For anyone who loves Vera Bradley, Cath Kidston is the store for you. Cath Kidston sells a collection of bags and accessories in a variety of prints including floral, polka dots, stars, cartoons of London buildings, and many other cutesy symbols. Cath Kidston stores are scattered throughout London, such as at Portobello Market and Covent Gardens, but the items are also sold at stores like Selfridges. The shopper that I am had to buy at least one item from this cute company that some many of the locals adore. But, to be honest, one item wasn’t enough; I ended up getting both a Blackberry case and a toiletry bag.

Miraya's Beyond Retro finds: a denim button-down and a white purse.

Beyond Retro: Beyond Retro may be the biggest vintage store I have ever been to, and I’ve been in quite a lot of vintage stores. When you walk in the store it is like you’re walking into a giant warehouse full of vintage clothing, and when you turn the corner, there is yet another warehouse full of unique clothes and accessories. Even better, there are Beyond Retro shops scattered around the UK and Sweden; the one I went to was in East London, which is the best place in all of London for vintage shopping. My parents actually sent me a gift certificate for my birthday to Beyond Retro, which they found by Googling the best vintage shops in London. It took me a while to figure out what to buy considering their massive selection, but I ended up with a denim button-up and a white purse with gold nautical embellishments.

Miraya's Rokit finds: a belted dress.

Rokit: My other favorite vintage store in London is Rokit, which happens to be located right down the street from my work on Brick Lane, which was quite a dangerous temptation for me. Each day during lunch I would browse the newest items for sale at Rokit and the other vintage shops. Although Rokit is a bit more on the pricey side, I treated myself with a fabulous dress for my birthday. I fell in love with the dress because I could imagine wearing it to class or even dressing it up with pearls and heels. Rokit also had many not so practical items such as vintage prom dresses and crazy hats, which are always fun to browse through.

Well, there you have it: the confessions of a true London shopaholic. And the sad thing is that this isn’t even everything I bought, just the highlights. All the other girls I went to London with were sucked into the same amazing stores as me and also came home with ridiculously stuffed suitcases.

Miraya Berke
Co-Events Director


  1. MIRAYA BERKE! This is absolutely wonderful! I love that belted dress you got :). And I imagine the NYC Soho Top Shop is not as baller as the UK one(s) BUT I fell in love with that place as I walked in. It sounds like you had soooooo much fun <3!

  2. omg can't wait to go to london again and check it out for myself. i agree with you there about primark. even oxford street itself is like times square. great finds though!
    did you do study abroad in london for the summer? how does that work and what did you study?

  3. Oh My God


    You need nerves of steel to shop in any Primark store!!! Its mayhem, for a sedate girl like myself its just so scary, i always have to take someone with me. The cheapest possible prices make it possible for every student to be a 'Primark Princess' and boast about their 'Primani' bargains.

    As is typical of all these types of stores however there are questions about child labor and exploitation, most people ignore that when they a a £70 outfit, including boots!!

    Glad you loved my home town so much