Naomi Campbell: Is Celebrity Status Enough to Save Her Career?

Naomi Campbell for Dennis Basso Fall/Winter 2009. Image source.

It seems to be business as usual for Naomi Campbell, the supermodel now involved in a war-crimes trial for possession of blood diamonds. Apparently her strut is more important to her employers than her sense of morals, even though she apparently had no idea where the stones she received came from. Yet it would have to take a lot for this iconic figure to be deemed as undesirable for business, as Campbell is notorious for her bad temper. Through her various assault cases and anger management issues, she is still in demand, most recently as the face for designer Dennis Basso.

I am not trying to convict her of anything, since as she says, “I've no motive here. Nothing to gain. I am a black woman who has and will always support good causes especially relating to Africa. I've never taken any of the jobs offered to me, over my 25 years as a model, from companies that were for apartheid in South Africa.” It just completely floors me that celebrities can act the way they do and totally get away with it (although she probably won’t be representing Cartier or the like anytime soon). Maybe I’m just a bit jealous, but I think the idea that “any press is good press” is one of those mantras that society should do away with. It just encourages Heidi Montag to get more plastic surgery operations, and makes reality TV even more dysfunctional.

Yet through all this, one can’t help but wonder: is it her talent she has when rocking the runway that makes Naomi so irresistible? Are people just scared of what will happen to them if they don’t hire her? You be the judge. All I can say to Naomi is to keep doing what you’re doing, but I really think the cell phone throwing and abuse of police officers is overkill. And painful.

Danielle Ciappara
BARE Reporter

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