NYC Boutique Reviews :: Pema, ID, and Norbu

A peek inside Pema, a Williamsburg-based boutique.

Pema, a women’s clothing boutique located on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg area, is actually part of an ever-growing family of fashion-forward stores that also includes men’s clothing and accessories.

Although Pema started as a small store in a mall, Pema’s owner Chimmy snagged its current Bedford Avenue location almost immediately after the area’s art space proprietors put it up for sale. As more and more customers began to ask why the store did not carry a larger selection of men’s clothing, the
ID men’s clothing store became a reality, carrying pieces designed by Chimmy’s brother, Migmar Tsering. Soon afterwards, Chimmy opened up Norbu, a store dedicated to jewelry and accessories, as an outlet for her love of picking out various pieces for customers.

Pema's expansive belt selection.

An inside view of ID, a menswear store.

ID's hat collection.

A sneak peek at Norbu's jewelry collection.

More from Norbu.

The family hopes to continue expanding their business to carry more styles for every season, especially items made of environmentally-friendly materials.

If you are in the Williamsburg region of Brooklyn, make sure to check out these three stores!

Bernie Samson
BARE Photographer

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