Band of Horses

Band of Horses played at the Greek Theatre on Friday. Photo by the author.

This past Friday, the expertly crafted harmonies and folksy melodies of Band of Horses floated through the Berkeley hills. Headlining at the Greek Theatre alongside Darker My Love and Admiral Radley, BOH never fails to disappoint. The unique voice of front man Ben Bridwell adds a retro twang to their sound, and was enjoyably impeccable live. After recently releasing their newest album, “Infinite Arms,” the band played a set list that pleasantly blended old tunes with some newer ones found on their latest addition.

Opening with “Ode to the LRC,” low-key rhythms accompanied by scenes of nature flashing behind the band members coalesced to create an ethereal way to spend a Friday night. Interspersed jokes, throwing of glow sticks, and the lingering smell of herbal refreshment in the air added to the laid-back aura, making the conclusion signaled by the opening cords of “The Funeral” come all too soon. Feel free to gallop back to Berkeley anytime, Band of Horses.

Kelsey Bucsko
BARE Reporter

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