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This anti-smoking PSA may speak to the risks of using certain cosmetics. Image courtesy of Advertolog.

How many beauty or hygiene products do you use a day? From the minute I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, I use around eight regularly (including makeup, sunblock and creams). What do I know about what's in each of those products? Not much -- and that's a problem, according to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Almost every product released on the market today contains an overwhelming amount of chemicals. Take fragrances, for example; they can be composed of dozens, or even hundreds, of synthetic compounds. Lipstick can contain lead, nail products use toxic chemicals, even bath products may have carcinogenic elements in them. It's a scary and unpleasant idea, but worth tolerating when you consider how dependent most of us are on beauty products.

Most consumers don't think to examine the labels of their cosmetics (especially with such indecipherable ingredients), but you can visit Skin Deep Cosmetics Database to read comprehensive reports of each product you use. Knowing what I do now, I can't say I'll be throwing out my stash of make-up, but I can start being more conscientious.

Julie Dinh
BARE Reporter

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