Cal Street Style :: Diana

Diana’s outfit is both distinct and reverential—it is naturally her.

Diana’s style is a cohesion of pop-culture and personal memento. While she usually dresses according to the weather, Diana was not afraid to go a little bare on Wednesday to pay homage to Audrey Hepburn. Her outfit, composed of a red tee, denim shorts and a sleek belt, was inspired by a poster of Ms. Hepburn wearing a simple red shirt, high-waist jeans combination.

Yet what really individualizes Diana’s look is her accessories. Her Oxfords add personality, a black and white find from L.A.’s Fashion District. Purposefully not having a uniform theme throughout her ensemble, Diana accessorized from the waist-up with pieces more meaningful to her: bracelets given to her by friends, an elephant-trunk necklace (because she always has an elephant reference), as well as feathery earrings (feathers being one of her favorite touches). Diana’s final fashion detail came in her glasses, the frames originally her grandmother’s.

Though shorts may have been a risk in Wednesday’s 65-degree weather, Diana’s look—a multiple-decade, multiple-sentiment inspired expression—surely provided enough warmth.

The bracelets may not always go with the clothes, but (having been given to her by friends) they are well worth wearing.

She may take a mix and match approach to her outfits, but Diana’s final look is quite seamless.

Scott Hovdey
BARE Reporter

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