If you like a good deal then CampusCred is the site for you! CampusCred is a new ASUC-sponsored startup company created by Cal students for Cal students. The idea for site emerged from a group of five undergrads, Sagar, Louis, Brian, Karen, and Lily, who wanted to provide college students with the opportunity to explore the local community and experience new things, while saving tons of money at the same time. Every couple of days, CampusCred will feature a local business (restaurants, salons, movie theaters, etc.) and offer their services at an amazing discount on their website. The deals are featured for a limited time, but you have all semester to use them!

So far they have offered deals for The Cal Student Store, Ben & Jerry’s, Saturn Café, & Bridges Rock Climbing Gym. For each deal you spend a certain amount and get double the credit at the shop. So far I’ve purchased a Saturn Café coupon for $10 and got a $20 coupon and $7 for Bridges Rock Climbing Gym and got an all day pass that includes shoes, a harness, and chalk rentals. Plus, I have all semester to use the coupons.

Stock up now on the amazing deals and check out the awesome businesses around Cal. Add CampusCred on
Facebook and check out their website. Happy shopping!

Miraya Berke
Co-Events Director

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