Fashion Tech: Spray-on Clothes

Spray-on clothing, a look into the future? Image source.

When clothes look "painted on," it most often refers to an extremely tight or form-fitting outfit -- but now, with new technology, the expression may be taken from the metaphorical to the literal. Introducing Fabrican: a liquid that becomes a fabric when sprayed onto the skin, created by particle engineer Paul Luckham and fashion designer Manel Torres from Imperial College London. The end product is mild during application, slips off the skin easily and feels similar to suede; amazingly, it can also be layered (creating thicker garments) and washed like conventional textiles.

A video showcasing the process and creations made possible by Fabrican.

Even if Fabrican doesn't catch on in the fashion world, it can still have other significant uses -- as an instant bandage, for example. Although I can't foresee a "spray-on clothes" trend emerging in the near future, the invention certainly shows originality and innovation.

Julie Dinh
BARE Reporter


  1. Whoa that so cool! Thank you for posting this!

    I say we use this on gross celebrities who don't wear enough clothing *cough Jersey Shore people*

  2. d00d that's tight, cant imagine it being totally green/health

  3. Spray on for clothes? hmm... interesting. how bout just find clothes that fit great. Maybe start with a great denim fit