From Seoul, With Love

Last week BARE Reporter Lisa Park gave us a taste of the street style she encountered in Seoul this summer. Now she’s back with a full account of her travels.

It has been nearly a month since I've been back from Korea, and I already miss my time there. In two months, I've managed to do more than I ever imagined, so here is Korea in a nutshell from me, to you!

Interning at Codes Combine
Codes Combine is a clothing brand in Korea (kind of like H&M), known for their chic designs along with comfortable basics. For two weeks, I interned for the women's line and worked alongside the designers. Although it wasn't the ultimate fashion intern position (channeling Andy from "The Devil Wears Prada"), I did get to learn the basic process of what the designers went through for each season. And, of course, I loved meeting young hip designers who never failed to dress to impress.

The view outside from the office.

Sogang International Summer College
I spent the rest of my time in Korea as a student in Sogang University and participated mainly in the Creative City of Art and Technology program. At the end of the summer session, students participated in a show where they presented their works, ranging from theater performances to video exhibitions. I was fortunate enough to meet and work with talented fashion students from Ewha University, a neighboring school, who created eco-friendly designs that were displayed in the show.

Students performed a traditional Korean folk-style piece with their professor guiding them in Pansori.

One of the designer's creations made from cardboard.

Behind the scenes of the photo shoot!

Yes, it deserves being written in caps lock! The thought of Korean street food still makes me drool...unfortunately.

My friend Hana enjoying her oh-deng fish cake.

I'm mesmerized by this hodduk, which are sweet hotcakes filled with brown syrup inside.

Not your average corn dog! Why put your fries on the side when they can just be part of your meal?

Shop on the street, in the malls, and even in the middle of the night! In Korea, there is such a wide range of items you can purchase at all different prices. It's almost like a test for the ultimate shopper: how determined are you? Are you ready to bust out your bargaining skills? Don't be afraid to offend the workers, they've been trained to handle all the bartering headed their way.

I almost missed this particular shop, Hyun, due to the crowded streets. With a friendly owner along with an eclectic mix of clothes from all decades, it was worth stopping by.

Patterns, prints, knits.. everything! I guess this is just a quick summary of why I loved shopping so much in Korea.

The city is wonderful, but there is more to Korea than just busy streets and tall buildings. Our school took us on a three-day field trip where we visited the countryside and learned more about Korea's oldest traditions.

Traditional Korean meals consist of lots of ban-chan, side-dishes.

One of the old temples in Gwangju.

Traditional Pansori and mask-dance performance.

During our stay, we eventually gave in to the masks...and even made our own.

Lisa Park
BARE Reporter

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