How to Survive Fashion Week :: Tip #3

This could be you. Photo courtesy of Jak & Jil. Composed by the author.

Tip #3: Make Friends with the Models

Yes, I said the
models. Having legs that are longer than yours is no reason to envy them, and as we all learned from Zoolander, modeling takes a lot more than just being "really, really, ridiculously good looking." There are many men and women who are pretty, but only those with a certain presence--be it on the runway or in an editorial--ever make it to the big time. So, if a giant man/woman dressed in skinny jeans happens to be blocking your view during fashion week, remember, to be nice. Models are people, too.

And after all, there's always a chance that they'll bring you as a guest to one of those raging after parties...

Missed the previous tips? No problem. Stay tuned for Tip #4!

Aimee Shimizu
BARE Reporter

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