How to Survive Fashion Week :: Tip #5

A few looks from NYFW Spring 2011. Images courtesy of FashionGoneRogue. Composed by the author.

Tip #5: It's all about the clothes!

Yes, I know I've harped on and on about all the perks of fashion week like getting blisters in your high heels and making friends with glamorous models, but in the end we have to remember that fashion week exists to showcase the beautiful work done by exhausted, sleep-deprived designers. The clothes are always the true stars of the show, and they deserve to be sashayed down a glittering runway so that editors, buyers and celebrities can ogle at them with thinly veiled desire. They are the fantasy come to life, the nightmare turned reality, the future of what we hope to become and the past that we wish to revisit. It's what fashion week is all about.

Aimee Shimizu
BARE Reporter

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