London Fashion Week S/S 2011 :: Simon Ekrelius

Split down the middle: Simon Ekrelius S/S 2011.

London Fashion Week is often thought of as the quirky, edgy, playful sibling of the other fashion weeks. It's designers like Simon Ekrelius that allow London to take on its own unique, eccentric personality.

Ekrelius' collection "The Reflection" was a mostly monochromatic collection of dresses, trench-coat-dresses, jumpsuits, and dramatic blazers. Models stormed down the runway to foreboding marching music that accented the military-style caps, pale faces, lavender blonde beehives, and dramatic shoulders. Many of the pieces in the collection were divided down the middle to reflect itself in another color. Abstract geometric prints reflect itself on jumpsuits and web-like lines created a futuristic look in both the transparent trench coats and the oversized sun hats. "The Reflection" is not a collection for the demure but Ekrelius makes his point that fashion should be about going hard or going home.

All images courtesy of Fashion156.

Jordan Silver
BARE Reporter

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