Memo from the Editor

No issue of Vogue or BARE is complete without a letter from the editor. Since we felt that BARE blog should be no different, we’ve created “Memo from the Editor” to fill this void. It will feature whatever possibly-fashion-related topic Editor-in-Chief John Kim has been pondering about over the course of the week.

(From left) Opening Ceremony x Keds neon slip-ons, Givenchy FW10, Rodarte ring, Rodarte FW10 melting wax shoe, Hermes scarf. Image composed by the author.

My first encounter with the word "peacocking" came to me from a prospective BARE member. Pointing at my ring, he asked, "Is that your way of peacocking?" I quickly became puzzled. The term didn't sound like a fashion word, just like "voguing" has nothing to with Wintour's glossy pages. So bashfully I replied, "No, it's a meaningless ring."

At home I made sure to Google the word and found that, like peacocks, it involves dressing for attention. Relatable to a peacock's use of feathers to find its mate, whenever someone shows some skin or some bling, it takes on this term. Then I got to thinking, don't most of us have pieces to "peacock" with? Sure, most days you would rather squirm around in bed in pajamas, but there definitely are times when you feel fan-freakin-tastic. And on those days it would be nice if people actually noticed your mood and complimented how much you stand out.

If standing out like a peacock was a good idea, I would advocate doing so with clothing. In a slew of black and flats, Berkeley would definitely be more exciting if students would wear a splash of neon or a platform. Make it an effort to get to class or to that club meeting, because it never hurts to stand out.

John Kim


  1. I couldn't agree more. I love seeing bold and unexpected pieces on people around Berkeley. It's definitely a nice break from the serious or far too casual style that so many students have.

  2. This is an awesome post, John. My "peacock" is my bright lime green dress. Love it! When I wore it once in NYC, I got all sorts of "hello! How are you, young lady!?"'s. So fun.

    Hope lots of people are "peacocking" in Berkeley after this post.