September Lessons: The Importance of Being Shameless

This Friday brings the month of September to a close. You have been in school for a full month now, thus you have had ample time to prepare your fall wardrobe, scope out the cuties in your classes and make nice with them, and—as always—remind yourself of how fabulous you are.

September brought us pop-culture-laced lessons and gave us some wonderful tidbits of conventional wisdom. Every month has some national significance (“National Don’t Pull a Lindsay Lohan Month”—I made this up but it is relevant year-round) and this month was no exception. Because it is always important to reflect and remember, let’s take a look back at what lovely September 2010 offered:

Shameless Promotion
The Social Network comes out Friday and the film has already paradoxically promoted Facebook. While you may not be able to make 500 million friends without making a few enemies, at least you have 500 million friends, thereby increasing your social capital and reducing the number of connections you have to Kevin Bacon or, perhaps more desirably, Justin Timberlake. But please, if you have a Twitter account, be conservative—it is very déclassé to tweet glamour shots of yourself in the airport where you are being interrogated by authorities for having suspicious white residue under your nose.

Go ahead, celebrate everything you are, but do not take pictures of yourself in compromising positions/while waiting to be interrogated by Japanese authorities for having a nasty cocaine habit. Image courtesy of

Prime Beef
While traditionalists wear their animals skinned or leathered, thanks to Lady Gaga, raw meat is now fashionable. But, if you rock the meat garb, do not skimp on
quality and put some Chanel No. 5 on to mask the musk of rotting flesh.

The Lady wears tenderloin. Not a vegetarian yet? Image source.

Andy on
Project Runway once said, “A fashion forward person takes risks.” This philosophy makes fashion and life sense. And, as Lady Gaga illustrated beautifully, sometimes you just have to wear something that could be caught dead in your closet.

Self Improvement
Really, do not pull a Lindsay Lohan. However, if you manage to take a
small misstep, remember to look cute at your probation hearing. And, as LiLo continues to dish out Parent Trap-quality wisdom, it is always best to recognize your boundaries and get help when you need it.

While cleaning up your mess and/or dealing with the strong arm of the law, it is always best to look fashionable. But this holds true all of the time. Always look fashionable. Image courtesy of Gawker.

Sardonic wit aside, this last bit really is important—whether you need academic help or Ivy’s reign of terror on
Project Runway is giving you stress, take advantage of your resources and do not be afraid to seek assistance. The Academic Services center offers fantastic tutoring and the Tang Center offers five free counseling sessions to Cal students, whether or not you have SHIP. Keep that pep in your step all semester-long!

To summarize, September served as a reminder to take pride in ourselves. Self-celebration, avant-garde fashion, and self-care all fall under the umbrella of being healthy and wonderful.

September is also Library Card Sign-Up Month, Subliminal Communications Month, and International Strategic Thinking Month. That being said,
is there a cutie who is giving you butterflies? If there is, do not be afraid to get what/who you want while being crafty. Start studying at the Berkeley Public Library to remain elusive and mysterious, send your would-be-boo signals, and try to be one step ahead of the game. Or just pursue them and do not be afraid to put yourself out there. Every month allows for new goals, so as October comes around, aspire to be bold.

Scott Hovdey
BARE Reporter

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