Uptown and Down by Mario Testino for V Magazine

Uptowner Sasha Pivovarova, left, and downtowners Freja Becha Erichsen and Anna Selezneva, right.

V Magazine recruited the one and only Mario Testino and a slew of A-list models to create an incredible editorial contrasting uptown and downtown New York. Sasha Pivovarova and Carmen Kass played the uptown fashionistas: they wore garish color wigs and harsh, discolored, excessive make-up and posed with angry and miserable faces. In the black background and starkly contrasting lighting, they look like awful monsters, though somehow managed to look beautiful all the while.

Freja Becha Erichsen and Anna Selezneva became the downtowners who look more like wild beasts than actual people. The two posed in the city and are represented in black and white. Their hair is down much like the average downtown-er but was teased and sprayed just as monstrously as the uptowners' up-dos were. Their animalistic yet grungy outfits look much more attractive and lively than the starved and stiff looking uptowners.

Whether it be a criticism of the New York socialite, who so often receives praise instead of criticism in the fashion world, or simply an exaggerated representation of both up- and downtowners, Stylist Sarajane Hoare, Mario Testino, Sasha, Carmen, Freja, and Anna created a breathtakingly beautiful balance of uncomfortable truth and fantastic theatrics.

All images courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue.

Julia Joung
BARE Reporter

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