BAREing It All This Thursday

Can fashion be copyrighted? What does it mean to be truly original in the fashion industry?

BARE Magazine is hosting BAREing It All: Copyrighting Fashion Design this Thursday, October 28 at 7pm. Come to the Space Lounge at Saturn Cafe on Allston Way to participate in a discussion about copyrighting fashion. The panel discussion will feature Intellectual Property Lawyer Larry Townsend, UC Hastings Professor of Law Margreth Barrett, and local fashion designers including Tawny Holt of Amour sans Anguish. Head over to Saturn Cafe for a casual discussion about art, fashion, and law, and a chance to win an exciting raffle prize!

Check out the Facebook event for more details.

Miraya Berke
Co-Events Director


  1. Wow - that Levi's guy is gonna clean up if copyrighting fashion comes into vogue.

  2. Really interesting topic, BARE. Are you publishing a recap anytime soon. Would love to follow notes from the event. Congrats!