Ironwood BBQ Berkeley

Left to right: Cute farm photos decorate the walls of Ironwood BBQ; the menu is small and well done, and has great aesthetic appeal to boot; welcoming decor.

You can smell the rich deliciousness of Ironwood BBQ from down the street. After it has pulled you inside just once, you’ll find yourself at the old tractor seat stools, BBQ sauce dripping down your chin, again and again.

The menu is small, but with just a few items, they’ve really managed to perfect what they’ve got. The Ironwood beef brisket sandwich, Memphis style, or the pork, done the same way, are favorites on the menu. The brisket is tender and smoky, with a flavor that sinks into your tongue and the pork, while a little lighter, has that same unmistakable rich flavor. They credit it to their unique smoking process: take sustainably sourced meat from Bassian Farms, rub it with special recipe seasoning, and smoke it slowly, in a custom built Wham Turbo BBQ pit from Memphis, Tennessee.

Left to right: Ironwood BBQ Sandwich-Pulled Pork Memphis Style; This week's special is 3 baby back ribs and a side of your choice, shown here with the scalloped potatoes and freshly made coleslaw.

As far as the sandwich goes, Memphis style is the only way to go. The toasty sandwich is lathered in extra BBQ sauce (can’t go wrong with their sauce: it’s tangy, sweet, and a little spicy all at the same time) and stacked with the house made coleslaw, which is made bright and crunchy with the addition of a handful of cranberries.

Left to right: Ironwood BBQ Sandwich-Pulled Pork Memphis Style; 3 baby back ribs and a side of the scalloped potatoes coleslaw.

Ironwood BBQ Sandwich-Pulled Pork Memphis Style

Ironwood BBQ Sandwich-Pulled Pork Memphis Style

Whatever you do, don’t leave without a big serving of their famous scalloped potatoes! Slightly peppery and deliciously creamy, they’re the best antidote to the cold weather, and the best partner for the Ironwood BBQ sandwich. Trust me when I say, don’t miss out. As one Yelper put it, the potatoes are a “party in your mouth.”

Ironwood’s design is cute too. Perfect for the BARE reader, the interior seems almost inspired by a Pottery Barn spread: tasteful, a little indie, and definitely individual. There is a good selection of photos from down on the farm and their cute pig theme decorates the store. How could we not be in with love that?!

Left to right: Ironwood serves beer on tap for those of age. Shown here is their Prohibition Ale, the most popular selection, and Trumer Pills; Ironwood BBQ Berkeley is located on Oxford and Center, next to Starbucks; Miss Vickie's chips are the perfect complement to a BBQ sandwich.

Ironwood BBQ, serving only sustainably sourced meat, takes pride in their pork. All photography by the author.

Ironwood BBQ is located on Oxford and Center, at the bottom of campus, next to Starbucks. They are open Monday through Saturday from 11:30am to 9pm.

Simone Anne Lang
BARE Photographer

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