Vera Wang’s Fall 2011 Collection: Style from Every Angle

A couple of looks from Vera Wang's Fall 2011 collection.

A bride wants two things on her big day: everlasting love and to be adored in her wedding dress. The dress itself is seen by many as the single most important thing about the wedding day; without a perfect dress, the whole event is nothing. The right dress can ease the nerves of the bride, amaze the guests, and delight the groom. Vera Wang as a designer understands the importance of the wedding dress, and has been featured among dress designers for her eye in pleasing many famous brides. Her Fall-Winter 2011 collection follows suit, accomplishing with only 11 dresses the art that is the wedding gown.

The most creative thing about these dresses is that there is something for the viewer from every angle; watching the bride enter and leave the venue will be a delight for all. The dresses feature sharply pleated trains, the necklines are adorned with origami-folded chiffon, and the shoulders are wrapped in tulle. Each model looks so delicate and elegant, a look that is desired by all brides. There is something for everyone in this collection as well, whether you want a big, princess-style gown for a cathedral venue, or a simple, draping, goddess-style dress for a beach wedding.

The name of the collection is “ethereal vortex”, and these models did look ethereal as they descended down the runway, turning in several directions to show off the different facets of the dresses. There is definitely something to be said about these dresses, but it is best said by the eye, so take a look for yourself and enjoy these dresses, even if your big day may be years away.

All images courtesy of Fashion Wire Daily.

Danielle Ciappara
BARE Reporter

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