BAREing It All: Copyrighting Fashion Design

Co-Events Directors Miraya Berke and Lyka Sethi on stage with Professor Margreth Barrett and Attorney Larry Townsend at the BAREing It All panel last Thursday.

Last Thursday, October 28th, BARE held its bi-annual BAREing It All panel discussion at Saturn Cafe. This semester, the event focused on copyright law and its potential role in fashion design. Six local guest speakers participated in discussion, which was sponsored by Kleen Kanteen, Earthlust, Lan Hair Salon and UC Hair Salon.

Intellectual Property Lawyer Larry Townsend and UC Hastings Law Professor Margreth Barrett started off the informal conversation by providing information on the history of attempts to enforce copyright restrictions for individual fashion designs. Efforts in the United States began as early as the 1930’s, but to this day have not been successful in achieving their goals. Now, prominent designers like Diane Von Furstenberg are attempting to get a revised version of the Design Piracy Prohibition Act. This version will include copyright protection for designers for a period of up to three years.

After the two professionals discussed their opinions on the future of the bill, which still has not been passed, the designers took the stage. We were lucky to have four passionate and experienced designers engaged in a friendly yet assertive conversation. The designers—Tawny Holt of Amour Sans Anguish, Jude Gabbard y Muñoz, Kana Rosos of Kanaro and graphic designer Hannah Stouffer of Grand Array—seemed to reach the consensus that copyright law must be enforced in the design world. Before the end of the event, all six speakers gathered together to discuss and compare all sides of the issue, respond to questions and thoughts from the audience and even ask each other questions.

On stage with designers Tawny Holt, Kana Rosos, Jude Gabbard y Muñoz, and Hannah Stouffer.

Creative Director Ria Meer (left) was among the guests in the audience. All photography by Abigail Hibbs.

BAREing It All: Copyrighting Fashion Design successfully brought together various professionals from different areas of the realms of art, fashion and law and was a fascinating learning experience for all.

Lyka Sethi
Co-Events Director

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