Changing Fashion: The Internet and Blogging

Yvan Rodic's most recent book greeted guests as they entered Westminster House on Thursday night.

On Thursday, November 11th, BARE Magazine and FAST presented a panel discussion at Westminster House. The event was titled, Changing Fashion: The Internet and Blogging, and it was certainly a blogger’s paradise. Yvan Rodic of Face Hunter, Liz Cherkasova of Late Afternoon, and Laura Ellner of Shop It to Me all offered their standpoints on the blogosphere and fashion world.

From left: panel moderators Terra Chan of FAST and John Kim of BARE Magazine, Yvan Rodic of Face Hunter, Liz Cherkasova of Late Afternoon, and Laura Ellner of Shop It To Me.

The speakers began to talk about the development of trends as a result of the immediacy of the Internet. Liz brought up the famed “stud” trend that was seen everywhere, and Yvan discussed the pitfalls of designers releasing their lookbooks early. All of the speakers came to the conclusion that street style and personal style blogs became a huge success because of their relatable nature. Laura continued this statement by explaining one of the goals of Shop It To Me—to make the online shopping experience a personal interaction.

The audience, then, received some blogging tips from the experts, and had the chance to interact with the panel members. After the discussion finished, upcoming bloggers could be seen traversing the room to take pictures for their posts.

The panelists: Liz Cherkasova, Laura Ellner, and Yvan Rodic.

Yvan Rodic poses with Event Directors Lyka Sethi and Miraya Berke.

Liz's blogger friends came by for support: Jennie of Going West (middle) and Christina of Profresh Style (right) with a friend.

Cal blogger Samantha of Fazed-Girl with another guest.

Miraya Berke and Lyka Sethi with friends.

The BARE Events team put together a great panel discussion. Photography by Brittany Curran and Gabrielle Elias.

Overall, the event was a huge success, and BARE hopes to see everyone again at the Launch Party on December 3!

Gabrielle Elias
BARE Reporter

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