Ferraby Lionheart

Ferraby Lionheart played on Lower Sproul last Friday.

Looking like he walked straight out of the thirties, Ferraby Lionheart strummed his guitar in front of a small crowd in Lower Sproul, soothing the Friday afternoon with his melodic voice. The Nashville native just released his new album, The Jack of Hearts, which showcases his indie, down-tempo style of music.

Mixing in guitar, harmonica, and piano, Ferraby’s diverse music includes upbeat love songs, such as Harry and Bess about Harry Houdini and his wife Bess, but admitted to the crowd, “I'm better at playing sad songs.” Ferrby Lionheart is definitely a throwback to old American music from the Civil War era to the 1950’s which is reflected in the guitar strumming, simplicity in singing styles, as well as in his starch jeans, plaid button-up, and bow-ties. Although his sound is different live because of the lack of his band, Ferraby reminded campus of the golden age of American music.

All photography by the author.

If you are a fan or want to learn more about him, his website offers a blog-like account of his tour dates and experiences on the road in general and also includes interesting photography along the way.

Amaris Montes
BARE Reporter

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