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How can I describe the amazing-ness that is Zaki’s? Is it their family recipes? Their never-can-be-beat chicken? Their unique and refreshing mint lemonade that leaves me with late-night cravings? The lovely welcoming atmosphere? If you’re guessing all of the above, you’re wrong, because Zaki’s is so much more than that.

I stumbled upon this restaurant with a friend, and it immediately became a favorite of ours for any meal—breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When I found out that not many Berkeley students knew about this restaurant, I knew I had to write about it on the BARE blog. So I’ll narrate the lovely lunch date my friend and I had:

We started off with the mint lemonade, which can easily be described as sweet, tangy, and satisfying. I once asked the family if I could bring over a Gatorade cooler and have them fill it up for me. Unfortunately, they said I could not because it needs to be made fresh otherwise the mixture will settle and quickly go bad.

Now for the food: my friend got the Chicken Shawerma Plate, a lovely array of seasoned chicken and rice, guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. I decided to get the Chicken Shawerma Philly Cheese Sandwich, which is a fusion of the American classic mixed with a little Middle-Eastern flavor. Their specialty is the chicken plate, which includes a half chicken that is basically a gift from God (just check out all the Yelp reviews). Basically, the food here is so good that you can taste the love in it.

The mint lemonade

The Chicken Shawerma Plate with rice

The Chicken Shawerma Philly Cheese Sandwich

Oh, need I also mention that they have live Middle-Eastern music (to add to the already authentic décor) playing most evenings? This place is like a mini vacation in and of itself. Check out Zaki’s for yourself at 1101 San Pablo Avenue in Albany.

Danielle Ciappara
BARE Reporter

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