2010 Overview, 2011 and Beyond!

Dear Readers,

It has truly been one eventful year! Recollecting my past year as Editor-in-Chief, I can't even begin to count the blessings that BARE has provided -- for me personally and the community at large. I'm not one to get sentimental (since I believe looking forward is what really counts), but there have been some absolutely unforgettable moments we've shared.

In February, I had the prestige of attending New York Fashion Week in its last glorious moments in the Bryant Park tents. As our first time covering fashion in an entirely different time zone, it was one of the greatest moments -- knowing that I'm covering news amongst the fashion world's elite. Other BARE correspondents studying abroad experienced the universal language of fashion inLondon and Paris. In 2011, I will be going to New York once again to brave the snow and physical toll. With a new season comes growth, and I'm still humble that we're able to attend industry events such as this.

When the fashion industry becomes a bit too much to handle, it's nice to know how well the Calcommunity supports us. 2010 was a significant leap for us since last year. At the annual ASUC Publications Awards, we were awarded Best Magazine AND Best Overall Publication. May I add a note of our monumental growth since 2009, when we were awarded the Most Improved award. Here's to a bigger and better 2011!

Continuing our BARE-ing It All series, I must say we've had our most impressive panel discussion in 2010. In November, we invited famed streetstyle blogger Yvan Rodic from Facehunter to speak. The topic: The Internet and Blogging, and how it has contributed so widely to the fashion industry. Liz Cherkasova from Late Afternoon and Laura Ellner from Shop It To Me joined in on the talk to really grow our knowledge of what it means to be 21st century fashionistas.

At BARE, we love the fashion community around us. And there are some notable bloggers that have emerged amidst the Bay Area fog. We interviewed some really fascinating fashion personalities -- people you don't get to question and talk to daily. We started it off with our very own Brittany of Work It, Berk, followed up with Samantha of Fazed Girl, Jennie of Going West, and Aimee of Song of Style. No doubt these bloggers have made their contributions to the fashion blogosphere, and we think it's foolish to just leave them out!

In lieu of the growing technological changes (see #3), we decided to really focus our 8th issue on modern approaches to publications. In a lagging print industry, I believe it is crucial to keep up with tactics to get a screen-oriented audience back on paper. That included our 3-D cover (thanks for the kind compliments!), interactive QR codes, an iPhone app (coming soon!) , and more blogging. I hope that more than anything, you come to associate BARE as both a print and online publication. It's important not to fall behind in a rapidly changing era.

You can be sure that 2011 will be filled with some amazing projects for BARE. Of course, we'll continue to bring you the very best local fashion news, but expect great things! We'll be working with more stores, more fashion locals, and campus organizations to keep you Cal localites hip and up-to-trend. A big thank you to all our readers. Stick with us and please continue to support!

John Kim

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