The Charity Fashion Show Comes to SF!

Living up to its title as the "largest fashion show on the west coast", the Charity Fashion Show (CFS) is switching locations this year to a city that can only be described as zany, intelligent, and a bit larger-than-life. I'm talking, of course, about beloved San Francisco, home to some 100,000 people and one of the nation's cultural landmarks. For an organization that has dedicated itself to promoting social change through the arts, you couldn't ask for a more suitable location. Besides the obvious benefit of closer proximity (no more trips to The-School-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named, also known as that college with the creepy dancing tree), this move also means that community members from all over the Bay Area can apply to help put on this fashion extravaganza. If you're interested in modeling, working with designers, or just want to promote CFS's goals of cultural and ethnic diversity, then contact for more information.

Aimee Shimizu
Assistant Blog Editor

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  1. It's great that the show has been moved to an area that is more logistically suitable. Plus, as you say, San Francisco is an area that is synonymous with social change and acceptance so in that respect its a match made in heaven.