RAW Artists is Coming to Berkeley

RAW Artists, a nationwide independent arts organization, is holding its first showcase in Berkeley this Thursday, February 3 at Hotel Shattuck. RAW’s mission is to assist budding artists in promotion and collaboration efforts through education, showcase events and an online arts community.

Thursday’s event will feature carefully selected artists based in the area whose areas of expertise range from fashion design to music production to photography. The aim of the event is to bring artists together and encourage collaboration and discussion. The event will include a fashion show, short film screening, live music, art gallery and live performance. Come to grab a few drinks, enjoy the artists’ work and make some lasting connections! Tickets for the 21+ event cost $10 per person.

Lyka Sethi
Co-Events Director

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  1. Awww too bad I missed this event. I would have love to see the Raw Artist showcase their talent and skills. Looking forward for the next event.