Battle Royale :: Fashion Feud at Rickshaw Stop

The designers meet head-to-head: Chrystine Druge (left) and Krisztina Lazar.

You know you’re at a fashion event when even the food is waif-thin. At Tuesday night’s Fashion Feud at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, among the swag was free Pretzel Crisps, a variant of the pretzel that is so slim even Kate Moss would be jealous. This hour-long contest a la Project Runway (they even got the fabric at Mood in New York) didn’t try to keep people busy with just food, however. Round two of this four-part contest featured free hair and makeup, a free photo booth, and local designers selling their work.

Fashion Feud has three contests with each winner going on to the fourth and final contest to battle it out. Each designer is given the same fabric and has one hour to construct an outfit. Tuesday’s contest pitted Chrystine Druge and her model Nicole Casperson against Krisztina Lazar and her model Caitlyn Randrup. At Tuesday’s contest, the designers were presented with a deep purple stretch material, polka-dot fabric, and yellow trim.

Druge and Lazar add the finishing touches.

Yet just because this contest lasts for only an hour doesn’t mean there wasn’t any nail-biting happening. Druge’s workstation was a veritable graveyard for spare fabric, a fact rather at odds with her clean, simple design. She describes her aesthetic on her etsy store SewBitchy as retro and vintage inspired, with “attitude for women who have one.”

On the other side of the stage, Lazar seemed to be much more collected than her competitor. Her area was virtually empty except for the necessities, and she even had a drink with a suspiciously amber hue. Lazar is not only a designer, but a painter and performance artist, and this eclecticism is clearly reflected in her clothes, which can be seen at transcendent bird along with her other art.

The final products: Druge's halter top (left) and Lazar's layered dress.

Both Lazar and Druge produced two finished products were just as disparate as their approaches. Druge’s final outfit was a basic skirt paired with a fun and youthful polka-dot halter. She gave the outfit a playful twist by accenting the top with a yellow bow on the back. Lazar’s piece featured complex layering and ruffling on the bottom and vibrant orange stitching on the top. In the end, though both outfits were praised, judges Laura Robblee, a designer of Alley Collection, and Adelle McElveen, editor of Fashionista Lab chose Lazar’s film-noir inspired look. Lazar will be back for the fourth and final showdown on April 12th.

Lazar shows off the winning outfit. All photography by Diana Li.

Christina Kowalski
BARE Reporter

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