Berkeley Farmers’ Market

The Berkeley Farmers' Market is located at Center Street at MLK Jr. Way.

Everyone who lives in Berkeley should start their Saturdays by getting fresh, organic and local food at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market. “Why?” you’ll probably ask. “I get my food from Safeway and it’s so much cheaper, especially when you have a Safeway Club Card!”

Well, what the Safeway Club Card doesn’t give you is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of taking care of your body, the community and the earth as a whole. Buying directly from farmers and other small-scale food manufactures contributes to supporting a sustainable way of growing food and to maintaining one of the most important resources we have: the planet.

Nature knows a whole lot about food, but when humans start to interfere in a natural process of growth, things can get ugly. The biggest problem is that you can’t see it. Can you see the genetically modified organisms (GMO) used to make your tomato red and identical to all the other tomatoes on the vine? Do you know how much water a crop of wheat needs? Do you know that pesticides not only break down soil, but they can be harmful for you, too?

Katie sitting at the information stand.

Katie, operational manager of the Berkeley Farmers’ Market is sitting at the Information stand on the market. She tells me that the main point of doing all of this is to provide a place for small farmers to sell their stuff and to create a place where people can sell and buy food. The majority of the farmers are organic, and in order to get a stand at the market, there’s an application process. Some of the farmers have been there for over 20 years.

There are tons of fresh fruits and veggies at the market: squash (left) and Billy Bob’s Organic Fiji Apples.

Happy Boy Farms gives you tips on how to prepare your veggies.

If you like to eat foods other than vegetables, there is more than just beets and salad at the market. There are also flowers, coffee, chocolate, ice cream, salsa, beef, cheese, yogurt, jam and you can even get a massage!

Brian of the OctoberFeast bakery.

Brian, who works at the OctoberFeast organic bakery on University Avenue, says that their specialty is Bavarian bread. The breads are popular, as well as their pretzel croissants. Yummy!

OctoberFeast's pretzel croissants.

Daniel of Coracao Confections.

For those of you who want your chocolate treats super-healthy, Daniel of Coracao Confections uses raw chocolate from fair trade cocoa beans to make delicious truffles. Daniel was also really keen on having his picture taken!

The farmers' market offers many organic options, such as these huge organic grapefruits.

These beautiful orchids are some of the flowers you can find for sale.

My mission is not to make you dispirited about the fact that there’s nothing you can do about the conventional food, or to think that this is just some kind of idealistic thought. I want you to go to the Farmers’ Market and see what you’re contributing to when you buy something there. I guarantee that it’s quite a colorful sight.

On Saturdays, the market is located at Center Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way and is open from 10am to 3pm. For more info, check out their website.

Masha Mandic
BARE Reporter

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  1. Farmers markets are the only way to go it's a win win situation!