Cal Street Style: Kirstyn

The muse of the day, Kirstyn.

Be the Muse. Yes, that’s precisely what I’ve said. As I observed my fellow colleague’s outfit in class, I couldn’t resist asking her about her personal style. Every time she comes to class, she embodies a whole new look, a whole new era.

Kirstyn is a sophomore Art Practice major, who describes her style as quirky, smart, and whimsical. Her outfit was inspired by the fact that her midterms were near and the gloomy weather. She wanted to wear layers to keep warm and cozy. She’s wearing a black cardigan over a studded grey sweater from Forever 21, along with black Levi’s curvy skinny jeans and matching Vans shoes.

The beauty of her simple attire sparks up a smile with her pastel earphones.

Her simple monochromatic outfit has adapted to her needs as a dedicated student. But, she never fails to add flair to simplicity with her side swept bun and pastel pink headphones from Urban Outfitters.

Her cute pink shoelaces complement her glossy black Vans.

Her iPod was paused on an indie rock song: “Wonderful, Wonderful” by Sebadoh. Kirstyn is fond of a 60’s look, modern and geometric lines, as well as Alexander McQueen’s Eonnagata costumes. Don’t miss the production she’s working on, "I Dream of Chang and Eng," held March 4-13!

Dooee Kim
BARE Reporter

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