Cal Street Style :: Michaela

With her tan leather boots, cashmere scarf, dark washed jeans, soft palette blouse, sailor lined bag, and light grey windbreaker, Michaela represents the Chic Comfort of Minimalism.

Fashion, doesn't only consist of bohemian, hippie or rustic attire. Neither does it only include vintage wear, which is highly prevalent in Berkeley. As shown by Michaela, a senior Art History major, she represents a highly underrated sense of attire--classic minimalism. She is a prime example of someone who keeps the school aspect in mind, attracting attention to the small details of her clothes and accessories.

Michaela attributes her style to her SoCal upbringing, a mixture of the beach and preppy with the urban city feel; it is no wonder that her style icon is Whitney Port. Michaela's modern yet classical style is complimented by the natural earthy tones of her clothes. The soft textures accentuate her skin tone and let the observer realize the details at hand, as well as the natural beauty in front of them. Simple is good.

Dooee Kim
BARE Reporter

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