Cal Street Style :: Monica

Monica is a prime example of an eclectic collector.

Details! Details! Details! Anyone’s outfit can pop with accessories, but the details in Monica's outfit are what really make her stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Monica, a senior studying political science, hopes to become a consultant after graduation. What inspired her outfit today was the fact that she pulled an all-nighter and desired warmth. Usually the average sleep-deprived student walks out of the house wearing sweats and a sweater, but, boy oh boy, what a stylish fiend.

Her antique gem flawlessly complements her white wool scarf.

Today she wore a white wool scarf that immediately caught my eye when I first saw her. She also wore a printed comfortable pull over for an extra layer of warmth underneath her black leather jacket.

Pay attention to the details on her attire! Check out the chic and feisty leopard print on her Hunter boots and on her printed pullover. Scarf from Mars.

The cohesiveness of Monica's overall look makes it easy for the observer to miss the subtle details (the fun mix of prints and colors, the unexpected use of fur trim on a pair of rain boots) but look with a keen eye and you’ll be amazed at how she makes smart dressing look so effortless and easy.

A paisley patterned black and white umbrella helps break up the grey monotony of a rainy day.

Even the style icons she looks up to are of a daring and elegant breed: Rachel Bilson and Gwyneth Paltrow. She states that her favorite fashion designer is Phoebe Philo, who was previously the designer brand Chloe, and is now credited with single-handedly reviving the smart and chic minimalist trend. To describe her own style, she says that it’s comfortable, eclectic, and filled with accessories. Keep an eye out for Monica on the streets or on campus because she’s a rare find!

Dooee Kim
BARE Reporter

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